CrediBot Enterprise helps large organisations automate their debt collection process at scale.

Key features

AI Driven Payment Negotiation Engine
Unlimited accounts
Stand alone instance
Project-managed delivery and integration
Customised decision trees
Custom Data Analytics

Who says large organizations have to be inefficient?

Grahame is a Collections Manager at a large organisation whose collection systems were outdated and fragmented across different departments.

CrediBot Enterprise was identified as a way to consolidate and automate the debt collection process across the entire organisation, with a 'single source of truth'.

Data security was one of the most important factors in choosing CrediBot Enterprise

The CrediBot project management team were able to work with Grahame's IT department to implement a stand-alone software instance within the organisation's existing framework that was compliant with their strict data policies and gave them complete internal control.

Grahame's team were able to implement highly bespoke system architecture that perfectly suited their structure and operations.

The in-built tools helped us make significant improvements to KPIs.

By using smart software such as the AI Driven Payment Negotiation Engine and Customised Decision Trees, they saw a significant improvement in engagement and promise to pay, whilst also reducing operational expenses and improving efficiencies.

The easy-to-read reports and detailed analytics made stakeholder management easy, and provided compelling evidence to show how CrediBot Enterprise may be able to improve the organisation's debt collection process as well as its bottom line.

Consolidate processes with CrediBot

Increased customer support
Decreased expenses on IT resources
*The case study is based on Equifax use cases and customer experience

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