CrediBot automates your collections process which may not only help increase your cure rates, but also lower your overheads; as well as improving customer experiences.

Key features

Instant payments
Payment plans
Payment gateway integration
Company branding
Email & SMS comms
Daily reporting

Automation for this collections team is a huge win

Sarah is a manager of a collections department that was using spreadsheets and manual data entry to keep track of their accounts.

She decided to try out CrediBot to see if it could reduce the operational expenses of their debt collection process, as well as providing easy-to-read audits and reports for their contact strategies.

Setup was simple

Sarah got in touch with the Equifax Digital Collections team who were able to get her set up quickly. Once she logged in to her new account, setting up her first campaign was simple.

The team didn’t need to worry about complicated and in-depth technical knowledge.

All CrediBot products have an inbuilt instant payment gateway so she was able to start accepting payments from customers immediately.

Sarah generated a report at the end of the week which gave her insights the team didn’t expect.

Engagement and cure rates were better when her customers were able to self-service their account, at a time that suited them, with flexible payment options.

Not only that, but operational expenses were significantly reduced. Sarah and her CFO decided to implement CrediBot Express company-wide.

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Productivity increase with CrediBot Express

Increased productivity
Decreased error rate
*The case study is based on Equifax use cases and customer experience

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