CrediBot helps medium-to-large organisations automate their debt collection process.

Key features

AI Driven Payment Negotiation Engine
Multi-channel communications (email, sms, automated voice calls, direct mail)
Customer Account Management
Customisable Branding and Templates
Automated Campaign Workflow
Custom File Integrations

The best of both worlds: automated excellence.

Michael is an Operations Manager working for a finance corporation with over 3000 employees, and was looking for a way to make their collections process more efficient without having to implement costly new internal processes.

He decided to try out CrediBot to see if it could reduce the operational expenses of their debt collection by making it more automated and digital.

CrediBot was tested in a small part of the business before full implementation.

Michael got in touch with the CrediBot customer service team who were able to get them set up to trial the software before they rolled it out company-wide.

Multi-channel communications was made manageable by the CrediBot platform.

Options including SMS, Email, Postal Mail and Interactive Voice Calls, in combination with the AI Driven Payment Negotiation Engine, resulted in an immediate and significant improvement in cure rates*.

Through analysing the consolidated data via CrediBot's easy-to-read reports, Michael's team were able to test and optimise their debt collection strategy and approach for various customer segments.

After a few months of using CrediBot’s flagship software product they could see improved cure rates and more engaged customers whilst seeing reduced operational expenses.

Michael's initiative resulted in CrediBot not only being used by their Australia-wide operations, but also by several of the companies in their conglomerate group.

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Enhance insights and understanding with CrediBot

Increased cure rates
Decreased operational expense
*The case study is based on Equifax use cases and customer experience

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